Bach Level 1 (Scotland Spring 2020)




This certified 2 full-days course is the first step towards becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and a pre-requisite for attending the Bach Level 2 (practitioner level) course.

The course provides the basic information required for students to be able to use the safe and simple ‘complete system of healing’, discovered by Dr Edward Bach, for themselves, their friends and their families.

Students can expect to be scribbling down other peoples’ names alongside many remedy descriptions 🙂

On completion of course, students will have an introductory understanding of:

  • The 38 Bach Flower Remedies and the indications for their use
  • Rescue remedy
  • The effects of the Bach Flower remedies
  • How the remedies are made
  • How to mix and use the remedies
  • The history and Philosophy of Dr Bach
  • Using remedies with Plants and Animals
  • Using remedies in everyday life

The course is run by Level 1 trainer Linsey Denham who has been teaching since 2007. She now lives in Ontario, Canada but loves to come ‘home’ to share her own journey with the Bach Flower remedies and inspire others to embrace them for the emotional healing and balance that they promote.

Safe and simple to use in everyday life, for all ages, the Bach Flower remedies may just be the gentle help you have been looking for.

Date TBC but will be April/May 2020 in Edinburgh and run from 10-5pm both days (Please contact Linsey if interested)
Cost £180 (includes certificate, handouts and refreshments)