Online Bach Level 2 starts May 25th 2022


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This Level 2 course is certified by and in conjunction with the Bach Centre in England.
It will take place over twelve weeks, beginning May 25th 2022, Wednesdays 1-3pm EST (6-8pm UK)
Minimum students 4
Maximum 12
The Level 2 course is a Bridge between the Level 1 trainer-led, information-based course and the Level 3 skills assessment course.
The course is a combination of 6 LIVE online sessions and the Bach Centre DLP which includes a dossier to be completed over the 12 weeks.
Level 2 will:
*Deepen your understanding of the philosophy of Dr Bach
*Build on your theoretical knowledge of the 38 Bach Flower remedies and make it personal
*Consolidate knowledge of subtle remedy differences and Mood & Type remedies
*Provide a safe forum for students to share personal experiences with the remedies and learn from each other
*Encourage personal use of the remedies
*provide the prerequisites needed to progress to Level 3
Schedule below with all times EST:
*May 17th-cut-off date for registering for course, so that students can begin working on the Bach Centre Dossier prior to fist session (students need to create an account at prior to this)
*May 18th-Information session (not mandatory) 1-2pm (6-7pm UK)
*May 25th-June 29th Sessions 1-6 on Wednesdays 1-3pm (6-8pm UK) Online via zoom
Dates: May 25th, June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
*July 6th-Follow-up session (not mandatory) 1-2pm (6-7pm UK)
On completion of the Bach Centre Dossier and attendance at all six online sessions, students will be awarded their Level 2 certificate which will allow them to progress to Level 3.
Investment is $405 or 230 GBP
Deposit on Registration $100 or 50 GBP and balance due by May 17th
For Registration form, please email Linsey at