About Me

Linsey Denham
My whole life, I have wanted to be of help to others and I hope to continue providing help here, by guiding others towards the power of self-healing through the gentleness and support of the Bach Flower remedies, Reiki and Meditation.
First, I had to live life without Bach Flower remedies and here’s how that went.

I went into Nursing straight from High School and spent the next twenty-six years looking after other people whilst completely ignoring the fact that I needed to look after myself.

Bullied as a child, I chose to live my life pretending to myself and others that everything was ’Fine’ and that nothing bothered me. When something stressful happened, I simply buried the emotions attached to it, put on a brave, smiley face and moved on.

Unsurprisingly but unknown to me at that time, there can only be one result from that kind of existence and after the arrival of my children in my early thirties, I found myself suffering from both physical and mental illness.

Motherhood is a beautiful-blessing but having decided that I didn’t want children, finding myself holding my unplanned, precious, newborn son, I was flooded with thoughts and emotions that had been stuffed-down inside me for a very long time…and it was painful…

“Why do I not want him to be like me?”
“What is so wrong with me?”
“Why do I not want to be like my mother?”
“What was wrong with the way I was parented?”
“What if I mess up his life?”
“What if I can’t do this perfectly”

…and the pain continued… and grew… and I kept it hidden from everyone… until I couldn’t any more.

At that point, I chose to begin to look after myself and I started my healing by accepting the healing energy of the Bach Flower remedies.

And now.

Ten years on from when I started my holistic-practice in Edinburgh Scotland, I am looking forward to living life in Mississauga, Ontario where I now live with my husband and our two, beautiful grown-up daughters. Our son lives in Toronto, which feels like next door because for three years there was an ocean between us until we moved across it in 2014.

My own neglect of my younger-self led me to great pain which required much healing and I hope that by sharing what worked for me, many others may find happiness and good health.

Before Bach Flower remedies entered my life, I had several surgeries in quick succession and my mental health was not good. Since first using the Bach flower remedies I have required no surgery and have needed no anti-depressants…and that’s my own testimonial.

Helping my own children to become all that they can become is the most important job that I will ever do and it fuels my desire to be the best example of emotional balance that I can be.

Life is emotional but I have learned that it can also be fun.