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Linsey DenhamWelcome

Re-branding my business with my own name, ten years after creating it, tells me that I am finally ready to be found…and seen…and known for who I truly am.

Simply put, I am a heart-centered facilitator of self-healing and happiness-finding my own wellness journey began from a place of deep emotional and physical pain but was gently encouraged by the three healing-therapies which I now offer you.

I believe that I had to experience for myself that pain, to be able to reassure others that it is possible to heal and to feel happy on a daily-basis.

I am here to help guide those of you who wish to leave behind your stress, unhappiness or ill health and step forward to Find Your Happy… and in that happiness, perhaps find yourself.

I’m a Reiki Master, Meditation Tutor and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner extraordinaire, with a passion for helping anyone who is struggling.

I’m all about the ‘Feelings’ and believe that negative emotions impact on our physical and mental health and can lead to illness.

I specialize in emotional-support for women and children of all ages, especially teenagers.

You found me. Now, how can I help?


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Bach Flower

Safe and simple-to-use, these remedies help to balance negative emotions and promote self-healing. Whilst Rescue Remedy is best-known for stress-relief, there are thirty-eight Bach Flower remedies from which to choose. I help you to create your own personal rescue remedy to help you cope with whatever life is throwing at you.


Reiki promotes your natural ability to self-heal and balances mind, body and spirit so that you can feel more peaceful. Sessions are given in a seated or reclined position and fully-clothed. Stress, anxiety and depression, as well as physical illness can all be helped through this safe, non-touch, energy healing.

Meditation and Mindfulness

You can’t meditate wrongly and it isn’t complicated. I can help you to make meditation a daily practice and advise on exercises to help you increase your focus and concentration. You go to the gym to get a fit and healthy body. Let me help you to have a fit and healthy mind.