Bach Flower Consultations

My Bach Flower consultations are $90. The consultation includes a remedy-mix and HST.

Discover my journey with Bach Flower Remedies, and how I can help you below.


ONLINE FLEXIBLE (via email) allows you to bypass the restraints of appointments, to share your feelings in the safety and comfort of your own space, at a time that suits you. Consultations typically take up to 48hrs to complete with the exchange of several emails back and forth.
ONLINE (via email or skype) and telephone consultations (60 minutes)
IN-PERSON appointments can be in your space or mine. (60 Minutes)

FIRST FOLLOW-UP appointment $45 if booked at time of initial consultation
NB: Delivery/P&P/travel costs may incur additional charge.

Bach Parties

BACH ‘PARTIES’ allow small groups to listen to a short seminar on a pre-decided topic or to have mini-consultations. Topics can be as varied as raising teenagers, menopause, workplace stress, chronic pain and bereavement. Cost $100/hr (minimum 2 hours) in your space. Additional cost for travel may apply.

Bach Training

For BACH TRAINING, see Courses page, or contact me to request a seminar/workshop for your workplace/organization or Level 1 training in your area. I LOVE to travel.

How Bach Flower remedies helped me

Bach Flower RemediesHeading for back-surgery, having had several other surgeries since the birth of my son, I was starting my third round of anti-depressants and approaching my fortieth birthday. I felt completely alone, in an emotionally-dark and despairing place but I was still hiding it behind a big fake smile. Nobody outside of our home knew how much I was struggling until the morning my mask dissolved, when a friend asked me those three words that I didn’t want to think about ‘How are you?’

This friend used Bach Flower remedies and had put up with me teasing her about it for years. I had refused to believe that such simple remedies could be of any help but that morning, when she hugged me and handed me the number of her Bach Practitioner, I knew that I had to make the call.

At that point, I was willing to try anything and from using my very first remedy-mix, I felt so much calmer that I quickly believed in the healing power of the Bach Flower remedies.

My husband joked that he had a new wife and he requested that the old Linsey never return and she never has. (Well, sometimes she pops-in for a visit but she is quickly ushered back out the door by my Bach Flower Remedies)

That decision to try the Bach Flower Remedies was quickly followed by the desire to help others benefit from them and so I trained through the Bach Foundation and became a Registered Practitioner (BFRP) in 2005, and then a Level 1 Trainer in 2009.

I plan to keep teaching regularly in Scotland but additionally to spread the word about the Bach Flower remedies throughout all the Canadian Provinces. As one of the few Certified Bach Level 1 Trainers in this huge, beautiful country, I am hopeful that the students have simply been waiting for me to appear.

My children grew up with the Bach Flower Remedies in their lives and I know that I had an easier time, living with three teenagers, than many mothers do because of our whole family using the remedies. The remedies helped me to step back from personalizing normal teenage backchat and prevented me from fearing for their safety, which may have caused me to interfere.

Nowadays the Bach Flower Remedies are my first line of treatment for pretty much anything, especially Rescue Remedy. The kids know that whatever it is they come to me with, they’ll find me offering them remedies.

Preparing this website has been a bit of an adventure and even after fifteen years of using these miraculous little remedies, I learn still more about my emotions when I find myself under stress.

Stress shows itself differently for each individual personality and what feels scary to me may be a source of excitement and delight for you.

When a client tells me that they are stressed, I tell them that stress is just a word and I ask them to think about which emotions may be causing their stress. One person may feel stressed because they are feeling indecisive whilst another person is feeling overwhelmed by work.

Different feelings require different remedies and my job is to help you to identify which of your emotions are causing you stress and help you choose the remedy that will balance it.

You may be reading this whilst trying to decide whether to book a consultation with me and if that’s the case I would urge you to book.

Something has brought you in here and unless it’s simple curiosity, I’d ponder what it is you are looking for.

How I can help you.

Dr Bach intended the remedies to be for self-help but let’s be honest, here. Sometimes it feels too difficult to even guess at what’s truly going on inside of us…and that’s where I come in.

At 55, I have much life-experience to draw on when working with clients. This experience includes but is certainly not limited to, divorce, living in a foreign country, close bereavement, chronic pain, depression, parenthood, alcoholism, caring for a parent, and work-place stress. I believe that living through these experiences has given me empathy and compassion for those facing similar trials and this allows me to offer myself as a safe, supportive place for others to explore their feelings.

As a Bach Practitioner I help you to think about your emotions and how they may be affecting your enjoyment of everyday life. Sometimes, in the beginning, it’s easier for you to say how you would like to feel because it’s been such a long time since you even acknowledged how you truly feel. I don’t even have to know details of your current situation, if you’d rather not share. All I need to know, to help you, is how you are feeling.

Once you identify emotions you’d like to change, I can suggest remedies to promote that change.

If the suggested remedies feel helpful to you, I will combine several into a treatment bottle for you.

Emotions that I have helped people choose remedies for include:

  • worry
  • guilt
  • fear
  • anger
  • lack of confidence
  • Poor self-image/esteem
  • Resentment
  • Pessimism
  • Impatience/intolerance

My experience of helping people in specific situations includes:

  • illness
  • bereavement
  • work-place stress
  • breastfeeding
  • pregnancy
  • fear of flying
  • exam-stress
  • sibling rivalry/tantrums in children
  • separation/divorce

I have worked with all age groups from in-utero to the very elderly (0-94 years)

A little bit of Bach history

Bach flower remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a medical doctor who became a bacteriologist and homeopath and was based in London, England in the early twentieth century.

Dr Bach believed that illness was largely a result of mental or emotional imbalance and that a person could be well if you could restore that balance or prevent the imbalance in the first place.

Dr Bach believed that negative emotions were a major contributing factor of disease and he classified emotions into seven main categories. These categories were further-divided into thirty-eight negative feelings, each of which required a different energy-vibration to bring it back into balance.

Dr Bach discovered these exact vibrational-matches in thirty-eight flowers and trees which mostly grew in close- proximity to the Bach center and it was there that his liquid remedy-preparations were originally made.

Choosing remedies

Dr Bach wanted his remedies to be simple enough for everyone to use and the simple method he set-out is still the same one used today by the Bach Centre and by the practitioners on its Bach Foundation Register (BFRPs)

You can choose your own remedies and here’s an example of how to go about it:

Imagine that you have asthma. There is no Bach Flower Remedy for asthma, since it is a physical complaint so you need to ignore the asthma and look at the kind of person you are. Perhaps you are someone who feels shy and timid and you get nervous about things like speaking in public. That would indicate that you would benefit from Mimulus so that would be the first remedy to select.

Then you might think about the way you are feeling today. Perhaps your son is about to start school and you are scared that he will be bullied. Red Chestnut is the remedy for the fear that something bad will happen to loved ones and so you would select it.

And perhaps you have been working too hard and feel exhausted? This would indicate the need for Olive.

In this way, you can select up to six or seven different remedies for yourself.

Don’t worry too much about making a wrong selection, because if a remedy is not needed it will simply not do anything. Experience has shown, however, that too many remedies taken at one time are not as effective as a few well-chosen ones so this means that there is no point mixing all 38 together to zap everything at once.

Using the remedies is simple and safe.

The individual liquid-preparations are taken neat or combined in a dropper-bottle and either dropped on your tongue or into any drink. A treatment-bottle dose is four drops, four times day.