Bach Community Support Hub Membership



The Bach Support Hub is an online community to connect those who wish to:
  • manage their wellness through the Bach Flower system
  • connect with other Bach people
  • support others and be supported
  • increase their knowledge & understanding of the Bach Flowers
  • more deeply connect with the philosophy of Dr Bach
  • grow their Bach Flower presence, client/student base
  • build a thriving online community where they feel they belong
  • help provide free/subsidised access to the Bach Flowers
All levels, from Level 1 students to Level 3 trainer-trainers, are invited to join and participate in this safe, supportive space of shared connection, education and support.
The Online Hub is run by Linsey Denham who has used Bach Flowers for more than twenty one years and is a Bach Centre approved trainer of Levels 1 & 2 of the BFRP program.
Membership gives you access to:
  • Peer support within the Online group
  • Online get-to-know-you ‘coffee-dates’ with other members
  • Mini-consultations with other members via zoom rooms.
  • Live meditations (recorded for those who miss them)
  • Case study discussions (recorded if you miss them)
  • Share and Support sessions.
  • Teaching sessions from practitioners and trainers
  • Exploration of Dr Bachs philosophy
  • Discounts for workshops, reiki, 1:1 with me
…and more, including an online group/forum space 🙂
My long-term vision is:
  • for the Hub to be a sign-post for students and clients to find practitioners and trainers.
  • to help practitioners and trainers reach more clients and students by supporting them in building their own business.
  • to have a portion of the membership fee go into a non-profit arm that provides free consultations from practitioners in the membership who will be paid a discounted rate from the non-profit.
My invitation to you:
Join me as one of the foundation members of this new Bach Community Support Hub, where my hope is that you will feel like you belong and that you enjoy being connected to like-minded others.
I am looking for those who feel as excited about what we can build as I do and who would like to advise me on what they would like to see and receive…and give.
I won’t pretend to have all my ducks in a row when it comes to how to build this beautiful community but I do know that I am meant to get started with it because my ducks will never be in a row and the world needs me…and you…and Bach Flowers.


    Foundation members will receive an introduction membership of $50/year          (Note: Foundation memberships are limited)


When you join, you will receive the link to join the Online community group where you will be able to:
  • become an active member in the group by engaging in the themed daily posts
  • sign up for online coffee dates with other members.
  • register for monthly mini-consultations and other events
  • explore your emotions by participating in guided meditations (varied time slots and recorded)
  • Access Linseys experience and knowledge on Live group-sessions (varied time slots and recorded)
  • help build the Hub in the way you’d like a community to be
…plus discounts on workshops, seminars, 1:1 sessions, mindfulness & reiki courses, support sessions…and more (when it evolves)
Join me today, and let’s get building, together 🙂
Note: If you are someone who has extensive knowledge of the Bach Flowers but has not undertaken training, please contact Linsey to discuss possible membership.