My day began with an email telling me that I didn’t get a job that I was sure was mine and perfect for me-ugh.

Disappointment flooded my mind with stories of not being good enough and of being a failure for not securing a ‘paying-job’ that involved doing something that I love. What’s the point in trying to keep going?

It’s a good job that mindfulness really helps me to notice the negative script that runs through my head, these days and I knew that I had to pull up my positive pants and briefly pondered glugging some of the Bach Flower Remedy, Gentian (the remedy for feeling despondent after a setback) but instead opted for a half hour in meditation…to see what my Guides and Angels had to say about it all.

Intuitively, I knew that the information I would receive in meditation would be along the lines of ‘there’s another, better path’ and I wasn’t wrong.

My Divine Purpose involves so much more than getting a job that I wanted mainly because it would pay the bills and also give me bragging rights.

Nothing Spiritual or divinely guided about that, right?

After my meditation, I felt very clear about my purpose. The fog that has surrounded it has kept me stuck in limbo for a long time but this mornings disappointment was a gift that lifted the fog.

The real dream job is the job that I already do. The one that has me sharing my knowledge and expertise on emotions alongside supporting and encouraging my students to be their best selves, so that they can be of great service to the world.


This is what I am here to do and I do it with ease and an open, understanding heart.

And so today I wrote a business blog that I will send out to publications, in the hope that they will accept it and share my expertise…and perhaps pay me a few dollars for it.

The business blog is also about disappointment but not about me or mine.

This blog-space is for that and will still be used for me to share me but I am a little excited to announce that I am creating a membership space where there will be more of me and I do hope that lots of you will join me there.

More teaching, More encouraging. More facilitating…More whatever is needed.

This dream has been in my head for years but it took the recent great coaching from my friend Eileen Burns from and a few online webinars with and to make me realise that my website and podcast and blogging and books do not have to be perfect…they just have to get out there to support people.

So, watch this space and your inbox if you have subscribed to receive newsletters from me.

And please connect if you want to know more about the limited Foundation Membership…coming soon 🙂

My Love and Light is reaching out to all of you.

Linsey xx