It’s been ages since I posted a blog because I have been getting all caught up in the confusion of what a business blog is supposed to be…which I have yet to completely grasp. But, if I wait until I get good at properly formatting blogs for SEO, I may never publish another one.

Just give me a template or an editor to help me do it…please!

The excuse for my absence from blogging aside, a couple of weeks ago I had the urge to explain why I had created a paid-membership…but that blog is still waiting to be ‘good enough for a business blog’ so today, I wanted to write about why I decided to create  as a support hub for the Bach Flower Community.

I’ve had the idea for a membership in my head for years but the thought of charging money for it made me cringe and so the idea just kept sitting in the front of my mind…begging for attention.

A free membership could have been an option but I had a couple of years’ experience, running a small but active facebook group and I know how much time and effort it takes to keep people interested and engaged. So I know that I can’t afford to build and run the kind of membership that I want to without charging for it and for some of the events that will be open to its members.

As a back story, when I found myself needing surgery earlier this year, I lost one of the stories that I used about my success with the Bach Flowers. I could no longer say that I had had no surgery for 20+ years. That made an impression.

It made me examine what had been going on for me during the last few years and it became very clear that I needed to work on my courage because I needed to put myself out into the world to be of greater service.

I have never wanted to be of small service but my fears about facing judgement and conflict, throwbacks from being bullied in childhood, kept me small.

No more. I want to be of huge service and another clarity that came from exploring my own health was that others in the Bach Community (and healers in general) take better care of their family, students and clients than they do of themselves. And then wonder how they got sick!

So, this membership is my way of creating a space for those in the Bach community to care for themselves.

Belonging to a community where there is a constant reminder of the simplicity and efficacy of the Bach Flowers can only serve as a reminder that self-care is necessary if we want to help others.

Advice on self care

Helping members to walk their Bach talk and learn how to maintain that talk, with motivation and enthusiasm, will be a big part of my job in the Support Hub.

The world needs more Bach Flowers and we need to be the walking, talking, living proof of them being the way to health.

Details for the Bach Community Support Hub

If you have done at least Level 1 Bach training and are ready to gift yourself the reminder of self-care and to grow your Bach voice, I invite you to join our new community. Lxx