I AM Enough: Meditation Workshop


Meditation, reflection and sharing to give 2019 a great start.



Have you ever contemplated your self-worth? Have you ever wished that the voices in your head would tell you that you that you are good enough?

As we begin a new year, we so often make promises to ourselves (New Year Resolutions) which we fail to keep and then are left feeling inadequate or a failure.

For this coming new year, I invite you to join several other beautiful women who wish to set intentions and explore ways in which they can strengthen their positive self-talk and their belief that they are ‘ENOUGH’.

Through gentle support for each other, in both the silence of meditation and the safe-sharing of our authentic selves, this workshop will help us to feel peaceful and encouraged as we step forward into 2019, sensing that we are indeed ‘ENOUGH’ to accomplish Anything and Everything that we desire.

Bach Flower remedies (which balance negative emotions) will be introduced, especially those relevant to self-esteem, confidence and self-acceptance. Remedy-mixes will be available for those interested in using them to help them feel more like how they want to feel.

Workshop is $40 (includes a remedy mix-value $20)

Registration is 9.30-10.00-grab a coffee/tea and ‘make yourself comfortable’.

Places limited to 8.