Mindfulness and meditation for women, afternoons (May 2021)


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Mindfulness is the practice of being able to BE in the present moment.

It is hugely beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety about the future and/or depression arising from their experiences in the past.

These ONLINE sessions will offer ways for you to acknowledge your thoughts whilst preventing them from becoming stories with arms and legs that run away from your control.

Using various forms of focal-points and some guided meditations, the aim is that you will begin to notice when you are in one of your stories and be able to bring yourself back to the present moment.

You will be encouraged to grow a daily (10-20 minute) practice of mindfulness meditation.

With daily practice, you will find that:

  • Your ability to focus and concentrate will improve.
  • You will begin to be able to respond rather than react.
  • You will feel calmer.
  • You will feel less anxious.
  • You will feel more optimistic.
  • You will feel more able to cope.


Join Linsey for a block of three sessions via ZOOM on Fridays.

Dates: May 7th, 14th, 21st

Time: 1.30-2.15 (Canada) 6.30-7.15 (UK)

Maximum of 8 spaces.

Cost: $35 (20 British pounds)

Payment can be through Canadian etransfer, or Paypal to healing@linseydenham.com

***Note that you must email to check that there is a free space, if not booking through the website***


Cancellation policy: Fee, for full three sessions, may be transferred to another block only once. Refund (minus $10 admin) is available up to 14 days prior to first session.