Online Level 2 Bach Course September 2022


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This Level 2 course is certified by and in conjunction with the Bach Centre in England.
It will take place over twelve weeks, beginning September 17th 10-12pm EST (3-5pm UK)
Minimum students 4
Maximum 12
The Level 2 course is a Bridge between the Level 1 trainer-led, information-based course and the Level 3 skills assessment course.
The course is a combination of 6 LIVE online sessions and the Bach Centre DLP which includes a dossier to be completed over the 12 weeks.
Level 2 will:
*Deepen your understanding of the philosophy of Dr Bach
*Build on your theoretical knowledge of the 38 Bach Flower remedies and make it personal
*Consolidate knowledge of subtle remedy differences and Mood & Type remedies
*Provide a safe forum for students to share personal experiences with the remedies and learn from each other
*Encourage personal use of the remedies
*provide the prerequisites needed to progress to Level 3
Schedule below with all times EST:
*Sept 5th-cut-off for registering for that students can begin working on the Bach Centre Dossier prior to fist session (students need to make an account at prior to this)
*September 10th-Information session (not mandatory) 10-11am (3-4pm UK)
*September 17th-November 25th Sessions 1-6 on alternate Saturdays 10-12pm (3-5pm UK) Online via zoom
Dates: Sept 17th, Oct 1st, 15th, 29th, Nov 12th, 25th
*December 9th -Follow up session (not mandatory) 10-11am (3-4pm UK)
On completion of the Bach Centre Dossier and attendance at all six online sessions, students will be awarded their Level 2 certificate which will allow them to progress to Level 3.
Investment is $405 or 230 GBP (Deposit on Registration $100 or 50 GBP)
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To register, please email Linsey at