How can Reiki, Bach Flowers and Mindfulness help me cope? The “Basics”-April 2021


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ONLINE information session via ZOOM. (Link will be sent prior to session)

  • Reiki is a form of Energy-Healing that can be learned by anyone at any age, for their own healing or that of others.

Being a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, people think that I have to be ‘special’ to be able to ‘heal’ others but the truth is that I don’t ‘heal’ anyone. I simply bring in Reiki energy so that a person can heal themselves…and anyone can learn to do what I do.

  • Bach Flower remedies are vibrational-energy which bring to balance any emotion that is in a negative state.

Being a Bach Flower remedy Practitioner and Level 1 trainer, people think I know everything there is to know about emotions but the truth is that I am human and I still have negative emotions which I use Bach Flower remedies to balance.

  1. You CAN’T meditate wrong.

Being a daily-meditator for many years, people think I must be peaceful and calm all the time but meditation is always a practice because there is no perfect way to do it and we all live a human, imperfectly-perfect (or is that perfectly-imperfect?) Life.

This session is a chance to come along and ask questions about the three ‘therapies’ that have transformed my life in the past nineteen years. There will be a short meditation with Reiki energy. (value $20)

April 25th 2021-10-11.30 am (Canada) 3-4.30 pm (UK)

Small group-12 places.

Cost $10 (5 pound UK) can be via paypal or e-transferred to, if preferred. NO REFUNDS.

***NB: if you are struggling financially, please contact Linsey Directly to see if there is an energy-exchange possible**